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Blogging Platforms information 2017

Deciding to write down a journal in today’s world is not any straightforward accomplishment. There area unit many selections to create even before you land on the Blogging Platforms information 2015 you’ll use to publish your articles. Deciding what to write down regarding is 0.5 the battle, tho’ once {you do|you area unit doing} there are variety of platforms to settle on from.
In AN future cluster of journal posts, we’ll be writing regarding however WordPress compares to different in style  Blogging Platforms information 2015. each the benefits and downsides are mentioned, further as strengths in every corner of the ring.
This isn’t a series of posts that’s meant to argue against exploitation different blogging platforms however rather it’s a lot of of AN informative comparison between them. it’s additionally the simplest way for you to get what else is out there and the way they compare. Features, cost, maintenance, compatibility and a lot of can all be topics of dialogue.
Today we tend to lead off the comparison between WordPress and Tumblr.

WordPress offers 2 flavors for its giant audience. and
The .com Blogging Platforms information 2015 could be a freely hosted service that gives no initial setup by its users. With the free service you get a journal with a superfluity of themes to settle on from. Some themes area unit free whereas others can price you a reasonably penny.
If you’re seeking a lot of options than the free possibility that Automattic (the creators of WordPress) offers, then a premium package for $99 each year is additionally offered. Users WHO subscribe this arrange receive:
A custom name of that permits you to ditch the extension to your existing web site.
The ability to transfer HD videos on to your journal with VideoPress. No ads, no deadlines, no watermarks — simply your video.
The ability to settle on custom fonts and colours with Custom style, or go beneath the hood with the CSS editor.
The No Ads upgrade makes certain ads can ne’er show abreast of your journal.
An extra 10GB of cupboard space can provide you with ample area for pictures, audio and video. offers a premium services for $99 differs from within the sense that it’s AN open sourced software package offered to use at your own can. Your WordPress installation will become something you’ll be able to imagine, particularly once changed or dilated on by the superfluity of plugins and themes offered from the community.

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