Thursday , 17 January 2019

How to connect xbox 1 wireless controller to pc

Update: Microsoft has released a device driver PC Xbox One official control

“The drivers of the unit controller for a new PC gamepad support enabled Xbox Xbox 360 Controller for use in any game,” explains Microsoft’s Major Nelson. “Download drivers only, and connect your X-Box controller to a computer via a Micro USB cable and do not have time to play.”

Leads the Windows update will be soon in the meantime, you can download the drivers now Major Nelson blog.

The original article: Microsoft Xbox and one with a lot of flak from mistakes, is not done, and also was the beginning of one thing … time to control the butt of a large new butt, butt starts to complete. If you do not control properly describe how good, in short, I can not open this super: Xbox controller, righteously awesome.

Now because of this, a lot of people to upgrade from Xbox wired devices or typical wireless 360 controllers to do on their own computers (I’d love to just plug-n-play compatible, so anyone with a play and charge and a radio receiver you can just connect the controller and you good to go), but Microsoft does not make any drivers for plug-n-play available to control the Xbox one. As a result, Xbox One control is not easily compatible with your computer.

Another problem is due to a change in the way the cables, you will also have a special mini USB cable to plug in the controller. Take special: Micro USB cable to cable a small USB. If you try to use the latter, it will not work.

However, software aficionado Lucas Assis design – his activists X360ce fan, do you use any controller specifically designed for use only with the Xbox 360 computer games allow software control turn into their own version of the compound – it needs to be updated to provide better control Emulator one support Xbox 360 Xbox controller.

USB to micro-USB plug to your X-Box console you if you have a compatible cable (and if you have a charging cable can not be a substitute for any smartphone iPhone 5 or higher). Simply put, you can contact Xbox console to your computer and then follow the instructions in the video below.

The video above to learn how to install the driver, so your PC can be read in fact Xbox controller, and the rumble of control back to you to follow the instructions on how to feed.

Of course, I did not quite done yet.

One unit is installed Xbox console, and then copy the configuration xbox360ce program or game files you want to use your X-Box controller, you must enter the binary folder.

As presented in the video, the required files do not control (the executive and configuration options, which will be explained) and in the same directory exe file to run the game you just need to copy the contents. Each of the games is unrealistic based engine (such as the border) because you will find the folder “binaries”. Source engine games, you will find the “bin” folder.

You have to play every game, xbo360ce EXE file to copy files folder (s) will need to take advantage of the unit Xbox One controller.

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