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How to connect your Xbox 360 controller to a PC

Keyboard and mouse model got you down while gaming on your computer? Is that the Xbox 360 console, you have sitting on your coffee table look more attractive? Do not eat, many PC games allow for the use of the unit rather than just a standard keyboard and mouse control, and we have put together a simple how-to guide on your wireless setup, or wired, the Xbox 360 console to a computer controller.
Similar functions using either wireless or wired control unit, with each of the controllers touting the same button layout, trigger, and place the joystick, along with the exact same D pad. However, the performance you get from a wired Xbox 360 Controller sets it apart from the wireless version. Since you are able to connect the control unit wired directly into your computer, instead of the device you’ll need to sync with a wireless controller, you do not run a big risk as suffering contact backward. This is a source of concern negligible for most, but for the players seriously this alone side would be enough to convince them to choose to go with a wired Xbox 360 controller is also, check out our choices for the best Xbox 360 headphones in the market if you’re looking for a game with a solid headset.
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For users of PS3, we covered how to connect the PS3 controller on PC here.
How wireless Xbox 360 controller to your PC
For those of you that Xbox 360 controller wireless own, connecting to a computer is not as straight forward simply plug the device in. First, you’ll want to buy a receiver capable of, and then run the proper setup wizard.
Step 1: Plug in the wireless receiver
Xbox 360 Games reception
You will need to get the Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver, usually found to slightly less than $ 15. The new egg sells black version for about $ 9, as well as white, slim version for $ 11, with the latter promotes all the necessary software. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, however, you can head over to and pick up the pink copy for $ 14.
After the purchase of a radio receiver, plug it in to a compatible device to your computer’s USB port. Then the receiver associated with the computer console in the same way reception Xbox 360 internal control to the control unit synchronization. Once plugged in, a green light will appear on the recipient indicating device properly.plugin work
In some cases, Add New Hardware Wizard may start automatically as soon as the receiver is connected wireless gaming device. If this is the case, you’re set. If not, go to step 2 to learn how to download the required software using the installation CD or the necessary drivers, on the Internet.
Step 2: Install the program
In order to receive wireless and wireless gaming Xbox 360 controllers to synchronize properly with each other, users must download the necessary software via the Microsoft website, or bundled installation disc packaged with its receiver.
If you have mentioned the installation disc, insert it into the main optical drive of your computer and follow the wizard that appears on the screen. You may need ot restart your computer.
Image 1
For those without a CD installation, you can easily access the software download on the Internet by visiting the Microsoft site devices, and move to the Department of downloading software. Once there, click on the top games, select the wireless controller for the Xbox 360 interface and Windows, and choose any version of Microsoft Windows that you are using, select the language of the operating system, and click download. Once the loading screen appears, hit and run setup to allow 360 Xbox accessories program to install the required files. Similar to the way CD installation, there may be a need to restart your computer when the installation is finished.
Step 3: synchronization and wireless controller
Once it has been installed the necessary software, you will need to connect your Xbox 360 console with a wireless receiver plugged into your computer. To do this, first turn on the controller by pressing the Xbox Guide button in the center console and wait for the green background to run. Then, press the call at the top of the wireless receiver button until it starts green flashing, then press the call at the head unit button Xbox 360 console, and then start the pairing process, and when finished, will remain both lights to communicate signals. If the devices do not synchronize properly with each other, however, you can always consult support Xbox site, or double click the check has been successfully install the required software.
How to connect to the wired Xbox 360 controller to your PC
Not sync two are the same, regardless of how similar they might appear. That being said, and connect a wired Xbox 360 controller for PC slightly different from the wireless version.
Step 1: Install the software
First, find and insert the installation disc that came with your controller wired Xbox 360 in light of your computer drive. Follow the installation wizard that appears on the screen that appears, or run the setup program manually. Regardless of how the upbringing of the installer, click to install the program and automatically install the required files to your computer. In some cases, there may be a need to restart your computer upon completion of the installation. If so, go ahead and restart your computer.
Now, for those without a CD installation, you can easily download the software online. You’ll want to visit Microsoft’s hardware site, and go to the software download. Once there, click on the top games, followed by the Xbox 360 and Windows controls. When prompted, select the Microsoft Windows version you are using, the language of your operating system, and click download. Click Run at the loading screen appears, and will begin setting Xbox 360 accessories to install the required files. Just like with the installation CD, there may be a need to re-run your computer, your once installation is complete.
Step 2: Plug in
Once you install the software, connect the wired your Xbox 360 console to one of the USB ports on your computer.
Step 3: Unit test control
Once the necessary software is installed and controlled by plugged in, and it’s time to test your connection. Open the Start menu on your computer, open the help run the tool, and type “joy.cpl” in the field of entry before you click OK. Next, select the Xbox 360 console and click Properties. Now press the remote control buttons, pull the players, and the transfer of the steering wheel to ensure the controller is working correctly. If so, you’ll see the work of the link highlighted in the application. If a console application did not recognize, you can explore by supporting the Xbox site, or double click the check has been successfully install the required software.

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