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How to CONVERT blogger to WORDPRESS-Voice & Text Tutorial

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How to move your blog from other services in the number one online platform

There are many free services on the Internet and many software offering ways to create your own blog. None of this, however, does not offer the variety of services and facilities by WordPress. Many probably already have a blog in a free service or use some other software from WordPress. Have you thought about how much easier it would be publishing new articles and how you would have more features with WordPress; The following steps will show you how to export your blog’s various services and software, and then how to import content to WordPress.

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Export from Blogger
To Blogger is probably one of the most popular free blog creation platforms. The Greeks seem to prefer, since some of the most popular blogs in Greece hosted on this site. To transfer you your blog from Blogger to WordPress, you must first log in to Blogger and go to the Settings tab of your blog. There you will find the option Export Blog. On the next screen click the Download button Blog [fig. 1]. That way you will download all articles and structure of your blog into a xml file.

Export by TypePad
To TypePad is a very good and easy to use web application with many users worldwide. To export the content of your blog from TypePad, you login to your blog and you will go to Settings tab. There in the list below left you will find the option Import / Export. Here the output will hit the Export button and you will see the extraction process to proceed. On the next page right click the link Download and save the file as export.txt [fig. 2].

Export from LiveJournal
The LiveJournal is a fairly famous platform also used by too many users around the world. To export your blog from LiveJournal, will navigate at From there you select the Format: XML and make all the settings for what you want to export, and immediately after you click the Proceed. Save the file displayed. Your blog will come down to an XML file [fig. 3].

Introduction to WordPress
Once you have extracted the contents of your blog from any of these services, you must go to the administration panel of WordPress that you have installed. From there, the list of options left, you will find the tools [Tools]. There, press Enter [Import] and the page with the options you choose software or service from which you want to transfer your blog [fig. 4]. You will then need to select and upload the file that you saved when you exported of your blog and click Upload file and import [Upload and Import File]. The WordPress will introduce the content, and when everything is ready, we will notify you that the procedure was successful. So now you have all the articles from your old blog on WordPress, and we will manage with great ease.

All these services offer support through various forums or their official community, so you can find step by step instructions for each platform or software. Many times it will take some more steps to correct export content from your blog. If this is your case, then simply do a search on the service you have on your blog or even better a search on Google.

By following the above steps, you can transfer all the content, tags, categories and structure of your blog by another service to WordPress. Nevertheless, there may be cases where the direct import will not work as it should. This is mostly due to the structure and the content that you are trying to insert. If a problem occurs in the introduction, you can find detailed instructions on and specific instructions for each service in

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