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How to create an Apple ID without a credit card

With one of the Apple ID is a prerequisite for almost all done with the services of Apple together. If you want to buy music from iTunes, download apps from the App Store or iCloud use, you must have an ID from Apple.


A few years ago, connecting a credit card on Apple’s behalf was mandatory. But Apple has changed its stance and allow users to create an ID from Apple, without a credit card for a while now.

Whatever your reason may be, to do, we will show you how an Apple ID to create a credit card …

Note that if the connection is not a credit card or other payment method for your ID Apple will probably download able to complete their purchases, but still be able to free content, including free applications.

Creating an ID of Apple, no credit card or other payment method
The following steps were taken to an iPhone, but the process is the same whether you use the iPod Touch, or an iPad and iTunes from your desktop computer.

1) Make sure you are not connected to the invoice of Apple for sure. If you simply want to split.

2) Go to the App Store and search for any free application. The request does not matter, so easy to be the first thing you see.

3) Press the “Free” again. Will turn into a button “Install”. Tap again to start the download. At this point, the application App Store will ask you to either log into your account or create a new one. Select “Create a new Apple ID.”


new Apple ID

4) Select the country or region, then click Next.


New bill for home

5) Click “Accept” to agree twice to the Terms and Conditions. Alternatively, if you have seven hours, you must first go through the terms and conditions, then I would agree with them.


Apple ID

6) Enter the required information for your new account. These include the address e-mail, password, date of birth and a few security questions. Click “Next” when finished. Make sure that the email address that is not registered or has been used in the past as an identifier of Apple. If necessary, create a new email address.

new-apple-id-create-account-576x1024 (1)

New Apple identity to create an account

7) After payment information, check “none” option. Then enter your billing address.


Apple’s new identity no credit card

8) Apple will have given a confirmation e-mail to the address for shipment. Check your e-mail, and click “Confirm” in the e-mail sent by Apple, then register the newly created username (email address) and password.

9) Finally, the App Store application back, and connect to your new account.


Connect a new Apple ID

You should now be able to download free content from Apple.

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