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How to GET a free domain .TK

Hello friends, and today I will teach you how to get a free domain booking him tethered” to your public IP address of the designated Internet service provider for you.
Most of the free services on the Internet that can be sub-our only “” get a hold of “” field. Because they do not have to pay anything, we should not even register (if you do not want to be rejuvenated the field).
There are already a lot of sites that use the TLD. Taka generally small sites that are made without excessive demands with fewer resources, and can only try. I do not advise you to use domniu. Taka If you have a business, it is possible that can not be relied upon if you have. com or. com for the masses outside.
Field. Taka is ideal for home use, a small site for people to configure VPN, etc. A large site will recommend that you use. com or. com
First of all we need to ensure a few things:
1. We need to know what IP may set your ISP
2. We must do Aahnwalmwani main port is: 25 HTTP for the HTTPS 21, 443 FTP 0.80 to e-mail.
3. You must have a server running to see if it works, if you have a server you can watch this program Apache Altalimao NGINX this tutorial to learn how and why to use the HTTP server.
For those who have a dynamic IP will do the next time a tutorial that will show you a trick that can overcome the obstacle” dynamic IP. However, those with a dynamic IP should follow this tutorial, but the next time you complete this tutorial, I will not resume from scratch.
At the beginning of the tutorial I bored least a few of the technical stuff, and I know a lot of you are in a hurry and want information yesterday” if possible. Unfortunately, you can not skip the basics. And then, on another occasion I will try to bored” so you will probably choose the information that will help in the future.
Happy browsing

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Instructions for use TiPSUSTAAD.COM

Search Engine.
For example if you have a problem with Yahoo Messenger, you can enter in our search engine such as Yahoo conditions, chaos, Messenger, chaos identity, multimess problem Messenger, Messenger error, and others, and you will see that you will have a choice.

If you are using the categories drop down, and can be found on the bar under the main categories: Office, graphics, design, hardware, Internet, multimedia, security, storage and backup, and organized under these categories are sub-sub-categories -viat, this is a more refined accuracy. To find anything related to Yahoo Messenger with groups that can result in Category: Alanturnthnak other sub-categories will open up where you choose the voice Dardshhmn there you can take a subclass Aahooagira use these filters to access the page where all materials related to Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail.

The archive you can find organized all our lessons saptameni lovely day, months and years.
It makes sense, just follow the logic.

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