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How to Improve Your SEO and Profits with SEO Smart Links in WordPress

What is SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links automatically links it back to the big s posts, pages, custom post types, categories, taxonomies is a plugin cross-linking increases search engine rankings. Often you will need to switch to an article he wrote 2 years ago, a great writing. But do not forget one of the best bloggers. Quite honestly, this is not an easy task. But this plugin is automatically without having to worry about it. Know anything about SEO, then you understand the value of internal links.
Here’s a video of Matt Cutts about the cost of internal links. (In short, what you should do for your site How to Improve Your SEO and Profits with SEO Smart Links in WordPress and conversion is one of the most important things 3)

The second best thing about this plugin is for us as a branch of the Ninja affiliate links that will allow you to manage. This allows us to create as a special affiliate links. It allows you to easily switch between the company must decide whether to affiliate programs allow you to change your affiliate links. The other thing to replace keywords with affiliate links automatically built-specific keywords that you can use this plugin. So when maxcdn Gravity forms or as Aweber or a particular word mark, this plugin automatically closes.
It’s really annoying that allows users to increase revenue without the site.
SEO Smart Links How to Install and Setup

The first thing you need to do is to purchase and install the SEO Smart Links plugin. After activation, SEO Smart Links to see a new menu option. Click on the options, you will see the processing options. This includes all custom post types. You have to process any custom post types / You can choose to disable.
SEO Smart Links Processing Options
Then there is an option to automatically link. This plugin is available in the post / page titles, you can check out the article, every word. It is a match, then the task will be linked to a particular word or phrase. You can also (Info pages, etc.), you can choose to do one. You also can set the minimum length to the floor. This is replaced prevents keywords is really small.
Besides all that, you have full control of everything. For example, you can disable the processing of each post. You can also order custom writing custom keywords can be added. It is separated from the master word list.
SEO Smart Links to Post
You can also restrictions based on sitewide. For example, set the maximum number of links on each page can be linked to the same question several times in a post can be X. maximum of 10 links to a page should be. You can also ignore a word list, open a new window and can control whether external links. “Communication on” general keywords as an example, and not on others.

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