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How To Make Blogger Template SEO Friendly

Blogger is taken into account collectively of the foremost standard web logging platform and there ar legion users United Nations agency use web logger to start out a blog however blogger isn’t that a lot of SEO friendly as compared to wordpress thus we’d like to form some changes to form blogger blog SEO friendly, Since there ar several free web logger templets that you’ll be able to transfer from net or for price however does one apprehend that almost all of the templets don’t seem to be SEO friendly owing to that you’ll lose various traffic from organic searches and this is often not sensible for any web log thus so as to drive additional traffic from search engines and create your blogger blog SEO friendly you have got to try and do some tricks which can create your blogger template SEO friendly thus during this post i’m aiming to show you the way to form your blogger template SEO friendly

Make Blogger templet SEO Friendly
How To create Blogger templet SEO Friendly
Also several beginner web loggers don’t seem to be privy to this and that they do not know that even by victimization blogger they to air safer aspect will get various traffic from search engines additionally they assume that writing on sensible content can drive them various free traffic however they’re wrong you have got to optimize your blog similarly as templet to induce that traffic, Note- before creating any changes please
backup your blogger templet

Make web logger Blog templet SEO Friendly

1) Add Meta Description and keyword in Blogger templet

Meta description and keywords tells search engines additional concerning your web log and additionally helps them to rank your web log by default there aren’t any meta description and keywords adscititious to your web logger templet thus we’d like to feature this which can create our blog templet additional SEO friendly thus lets add them

a) Login to your blogger dashboard

b) visit templet << Edit hypertext markup language

c) currently press CTRL+F and realize and paste the below code right once it

we will amendment post titles to H1 from H3 on post and static pages therefore once more press CTRL+F and realize in your code and alter H3 to H1 Since on post and static pages your post title square measure most vital as compared to journal title therefore lets love
Make Blogger model SEO Friendly
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Make Blogger model SEO Friendly
For elaborated data i’m powerfully recommending for you to scan the Optimize Heading Tags In Blogger
So friends this was the way to create journalger model SEO friendly and by doing all the higher than mentioned tricks you’ll be able to drive voluminous organic traffic to your blog and additionally improve your programme rankings likewise, If you wish this post please share and do not forget to purchase get additional such SEO blogger tricks – See additional at:

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