Thursday , 17 January 2019

How to Replace Your Website with WordPress

Step 1: Create ProPhoto your setup to a temporary directory

The first thing you want to do it, and the lessons that we have to ProPhoto WordPress and install the web server on the follow-up device. But instead of replacing your site will be immediately and installed in a temporary subdirectory. For example, if you load the setup of your Word in the title as m

Notice how you can see “/ temperature /” at the end of the title. This is the temporary directory in which you install WordPress. Follow the installation instructions and Mr. ProPhoto with “/ temperature /” at the end of your address during the installation and the floor, and in this directory.

Step 2: Create your new allocation

After you install WordPress and ProPhoto in a temporary directory, do whatever you’re ready to go immediately to the desire to obtain. Show how it looks with ProPhoto, and add some blog posts and the preparation of a portfolio, create a site preparation, and once again the old pages of your website – all you need.

Note: Technically, and during this time in your blog, and will be seen all over the world, but you can use ProPhoto to prevent visitors from the point of view of things at work.

If you already have a blog that you import into building a new word you want, and now would be a good time to do so.
The import process is described for the importation of the most common types of blogs in our tutorial blog.

Step 3: Replace your web site with the old Word

Finally, you have to move the installation of WordPress ‘up’ one level, it is a temporary directory on the last page. This makes it possible to address:

To download the “front page” of setting up your WordPress.

Follow the instructions carefully, and reportedly handed over to the root directory. Be sure to read the entire manual before you start – we recommend to proceed if you are sure you that you are able to do all the steps, because if you get stuck in the middle of the road, and the setup of the word and not accessible until you finish you feel. If you’re worried you may not be able to complete this part of yourself, or if you have a problem and need help, you should contact your web hosting companies support people TECH – Explain to move your Web root folder “is determined, and it should be be able to help.

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