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Starting PHP page 1. Setting up a development #2

Welcome to the important PHP world 🙂

I want to be told php as fast as potential. What do i want to do?
First things initial.. you would like to line up a development system. therefore you’ll be able to begin writing scripts and check them.
In this initial half you’ll find out how to line up associate windows laptop to become a php development studio :).

Steps to be taken:

1. putting in IIS for windows XP professional
2. putting in mysql
3. putting in PHP five for windows
4. putting in html-kit (I like this editor)
5. Links (using Apache rather than IIS, Dev system on mackintosh OS)

1 Why within the name of God does one use IIS?

Ok why IIS on windows XP professional and why not Apache? IIS isn’t free and not therefore secure!
All true however the most reason for this can be as a result of IIS is simple to line au courant a windows machine. it’s already there J. it’s enough licenses to use it with one shopper (the developer) and since it’s a development system you’ll use IIS solely from the native host. You won’t want security then right?

So the way to set it up?
Easy. simply attend start->configuration panel (cp) -> add/remove software package.
Press the third icon on the left (add windows programs) and so check web info services. Follow the wizard (place you winXP cdrom within the cdrom drive) and your prepared.

really that easy? yea.
You will notice a folder inetpub beneath you system drive (mostly c:) during this inetpub folder you’ll notice wwwroot. And during this folder you’ll be able to create new folder for every web site you produce.
You can read your website by gap up a browser (firefox for example) and fill within the address bar http://localhost/

(Don’t forget to make associate index.html page during this folder.)

2 putting in mysql

Go to scroll down till the windows versions. You’ll see three versions accessible. The windows necessities version, the windows version associated a version while not an installer.

Choose the windows version. once downloading it install the mysql server. Use all the default values for fewer issues J.
3 putting in PHP

First of all transfer the windows version of PHP five from World Wide
Download the .exe and therefore the .zip package.

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