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How to Create a Bootable Windows 7/8/8.1 USB Flash Drive With Rufus 2.2_BETA

Rufus  2.2_BETA How to use: 01 step You can download directly from the site Rufus PC Advisor. Click here to download Rufus. After downloading, you can perform on the spot – does not require installation. Rufus 2.2_BETA  How to use: Step 2 Make sure you know where your ISO file, and insert the USB flash drive you want to use. All the files that you want to keep copies, 2.2_BETA  to reformat the disk before copying the files to the new as Rufus. Rufus 2.2_BETA  How to use: Step 3 Make sure that Rufus is set to the correct drive and drive safely properly. The most important things to pay attention to ARE- device and the size of the block. All you have to ... Read More »

How To Windows Computer To Factory Settings

Most computers from laptop vendors escort bound pre-configured industrial plant settings that ar necessary to the computer’s operation. this is often notably true of laptops, that typically have special perform buttons, and bit screen computers, that need special drivers so as to perform. Of course, a laptop from a industrial plant conjointly has default Windows settings and doesn’t feature any of your own customizations. There might come back a time in your laptop possession that you just attempt to primarily hit the push button. This may be as a result of your laptop was affected by a scourge, or it should be as a result of you’re commercialism your laptop and you would like to form certain your personal info ... Read More »

Windows XP problems with Exchange 2015

It might have at large your attention that Windows XP  problems with Exchange 2015 came to the tip of the support runway in Gregorian calendar month 2014, a undeniable fact that definitely seems to be the case for the oldsters UN agency have according problems running Outlook 2010 on Windows XP against Exchange 2013 CU7 servers. CU7 shipped in Dec 2014, some six months once XP was shuffled off to the aspect (at least within the minds of everybody at Microsoft). There’s a good probability – maybe even a 100 percent probability – that Microsoft didn’t take a look at Outlook 2010 purchasers on Windows XP against CU7 throughout the event cycle. It’s thus altogether unsurprising that some options don’t work. ... Read More »

How to Install PHP on Windows-Full Guide

Why PHP? PHP is the most common and popular programming language on the web server side. It is installed by most web hosts, has a simple learning curve, and close relationships with the MySQL database, and an excellent set of libraries to reduce development time. PHP can not be perfect, but it certainly should be considered in your web application your next. Yahoo and Facebook and use it with great success. Why install PHP locally? PHP is installed on your development computer allows you to create a safe and testing of Web applications without affecting the data or systems to direct the site for you. This article describes the installation of PHP module in the Windows version of Apache 2.2. ... Read More »