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What’s the best free word processor

For many folks, the name Microsoft Word is just about similar with data processing. It’s the software system that’s put in on your workplace pc, and it typically seems as a free trial once you purchase a replacement portable computer, thus it becomes the default application once you need to group A document. Less tech-savvy users might be forgiven for thinking What’s the best free word processor  is that the solely tool that may handle document creation in any respect.
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But there area unit lots of different data processing suites offered. not like the high-priced Word, they’re wholly free – however that doesn’t essentially mean they’re poor imitations. With years of development behind them, these free tools have several of constant powerful options that Microsoft expects you to buy – and a lot of.
OpenOffice author and LibreOffice author
Download the most recent version of OpenOffice or LibreOffice
We’ll begin with the massive guns. OpenOffice may be a standard open supply productivity suite that sprung from Sun’s StarOffice over a decade past. In 2010 – amid issues over Oracle’s management of the project – development additionally forked into the rival LibreOffice, feat users with the selection of 2 workplace suites once happening the free route.
Most popular Linux distros, antecedently within the OpenOffice camp, promptly jumped ship to the new child on the block.
LibreOffice author
What’s the best free word processor will this mean for the 2 word-processing applications? Well, they’re each referred to as author and that they share AN awful heap of DNA; initially look the writing interfaces area unit much identical, and therefore the menus area unit inhabited with most of constant choices within the same order. There area unit some cosmetic variations, though. From the shiny splash screen to the a lot of fashionable icons, LibreOffice features a lowerclassman look and feel, and that we quickly came to have confidence its further options like a permanent What’s the best free word processor count at the foot of the window.
LibreOffice author has had a lot of development love in recent years, and though a lot of of that’s beneath the hood, a number of it are often felt in use. making documents may be a absolutely pleasant method. it’d not have the alignment guides and as if by magic sleek indicator of the most recent version of Word, however it will nail just about all of the tasks that matter. it’s dictionaries and autocorrect, table creation, slews of fonts and designs, and many of helpful downloadable extensions engineered by the open supply community. In fact, it feels plenty like Word from some years past, that is high praise for software system that prices nothing.
But – and it is a massive however – Word still casts its shadow over all the free word processors here.
Whether you’ll get by with LibreOffice depends on however typically you would like to figure with folks that still use Microsoft’s software system, as importation documents are often frustrating. explore the distinction between however our check document appearance in Word (top) and in author (bottom half).
Microsoft Word versus LibreOffice author
Old Word files tend to be a lot of compatible, however we have a tendency to had massive problems with newer DOCX files. importation a posh 50-page document from Word 2013 to LibreOffice author saw pictures shifted out of line, graphs vanish entirely and tables lose their lines and data formatting, feat simply AN overlapping mess of text. If that sounds dangerous, OpenOffice author fared even worse: despite continual makes an attempt to open the file, it might solely acknowledge the existence of the primary four pages, creating the document near useless.
We had hit and miss experiences with different check documents – a lot of hit than miss, we should always show – and once it works it extremely is barely distinguishable from Word in a very heap of how. however the compatibility problems area unit forever lurking within the background, thus whereas we are able to suggest the substantial skills of LibreOffice for many home data processing tasks, simply remember that it’s almost the straightforward replacement for a full Microsoft workplace suite simply nevertheless.
Microsoft WordPad
WordPad is made into Windows – you do not got to transfer it.
At the opposite finish of the spectrum is Windows’ own free tool, and therefore the latest version is truly a rather nice piece of software system. it’s and looks like a correct Microsoft product, complete with the Ribbon interface, however it solely has 2 tabs: Home and think about.
MS WordPad
That’s enough area for the wants, thus it handles text data formatting (but unluckily no styles), additionally as inserting footage, drawings and objects – together with stand out worksheets and PowerPoint slides, among others. You don’t get rather more than that, that is graspable for a free bundled tool, except for pure text it’s a nice and purposeful place to figure.
Download AbiWord
AbiWord takes the WordPad templet, adds some further options and strips all that pleasantness from the interface. it’s the fundamentals nailed down, with text designs, bullets, mail merge, margins and tables, though that’s concerning it – don’t expect any fancy data formatting on the far side the thickness of the lines. there’s one novel feature within the AbiCollab service for collaborating with others on documents, though don’t get too excited – you’ll in all probability struggle to seek out another AbiWord user.
It’s a superbly usable piece of basic data processing software system, and with a footprint on our disc of simply 10MB it’s some attractiveness for those with older PCs. however it’s plain to the purpose of visual aspect, and hardly the foremost ennobling of writing tools.
Download Jarte
Jarte is additionally supported WordPad, however you wouldn’t realize it to appear at the graphical, virtually cartoonish interface. It’s over simply a re-skin. It takes AN icon-led approach to menus, keeping the interface least next to the most text window.
Multiple documents seem as tabs on the highest, sort of a internet browser; it supports favorite files, folders and fonts that may be organized and instantly accessed like internet bookmarks; and that we love its quick-buttons: Sat right within the centre of the menu bar, one click will say word counts additionally as read and tab choices.
We did got to activate icon labels initially simply to urge to understand wherever everything was, however once AN hour just about we have a tendency to were happy to change them off once more.
Jarte word processing system free
It gets higher. Given the failure of a lot of larger suites at the task, we have a tendency to didn’t expect alittle tool like Jarte to handle our advanced Word documents, however – once being prompted to transfer AN workplace compatibility tool – it surprised USA by with success reproducing vibrant graphs and therefore the content of advanced tables (albeit while not a number of the lines).
Okay, several objects had been left-aligned and a few lost their text wrapping, however they were legible and pretty simply repairable, that was the simplest result thus far – higher in some cases than LibreOffice.
Jarte would possibly lack a number of the a lot of advanced drawing and data formatting choices that a full word processing system offers, except for bashing out documents with the odd table and movie, it’s a refreshing and – outstandingly – rather pleasurable tool to use. not like some free suites it looks like plenty of thought and energy has gone into giving Jarte a particular and genuinely wise interface.
Plus, it are often run directly from a USB stick or perhaps a Dropbox folder, creating it well price a strive as your light-weight, use-anywhere writing companion.
Download WordGraph
Also within the light-weight camp is WordGraph, that may be a sub-15MB transfer and doesn’t would like Java or .NET put in to run. The interface wouldn’t look out of place in 1995, complete with many badly drawn icons that bear very little regard to their operate (and the Insert image icon sounds like one thing out of a ZX Spectrum poker game).
As for gap files, this basic application worked fine with our .txt and .rtf documents, and it will show neat thumbnails of each page aboard the most text for fast reference. sadly, it rendered all of our Word files into total jargon, from the most recent DOCX right right down to decade-old files, and it additionally crashed many times throughout testing. If you persist with knock out notes within the basic document formats WordGraph is simply concerning usable, however unless your laptop belongs in a very deposit you’re far better off with Jarte or WordPad.
Google Docs
Go to Google Docs
While it’s almost within the same class because the Jartes of this world, it’s not possible to jot down seriously concerning free data processing software system while not a minimum of together with a part on Google Docs. Yes, it’s based mostly on-line, thus you’d be unwise to have confidence it to document your travels around continent, however there’s no denying it’s a awfully smart piece of software system as long as a web affiliation is secured.
Google Docs document word processing system
It handles the fundamentals with ease, from fonts and designs to the same old bullet lists and alignment choices, and you’ll insert pictures, drawing and equations. it’s a solid table editor, rudimentary page enumeration and auto-generated content lists – provided you create smart use of the Heading vogue –and it offers period of time collaboration with anyone United Nations agency uses Google, that makes it a beautiful tool for generating concepts and lists you couldn’t manufacture alone. It’s almost within the same class because the others here, and it’s still not getting to do each very little issue you’re accustomed within the full version of Word, however its access-anywhere freedom makes it a plain browser marker.

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